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 Biotel Bertel 


The Biotel Bertel apartment house in Brandnertal was built according to a very special philosophy.  The surrounding nature and the mountains were included, creating a natural living paradise for our guests. A vacation space to feel good. In the middle of the mountain village of Brand, in the middle of nature.

The mountain meadow

The scent of the blooming mountain meadows occupies the whole valley in summer.

All you have to do is open a window or go out onto the balcony.

And in the winter? There the fresh snow smells.

The mountain forest

You walk into the mountain forest at every turn in our house.

Spruce trees serve as the construction of the floors and corridors.

In all rooms, the furnishings and furniture are more homely

White fir made.

The mountain rock

Hewn stones from the local Alps form the foundation walls of our apartment house. They have always provided cooling in summer and naturally stored heat in winter.

The mountain rest

The most important part of your recovery is a healthy sleep.

This is ensured by the special health sleep system from Samina, an innovation from Vorarlberg, with ergonomic mattresses and 100% natural materials

The mountain water

Water is life. The clear water from the Brandner Mountains flows throughout the house.

Relax in the bio sauna after an eventful day

or enjoy the heated mountain water in the whirlpool.

The mountain air

The inner alpine climate can permeate the house in a beneficial way.

The entire structure breathes and no concrete elements or insulation blocks made of Styrofoam disturb the exchange of natural moisture.

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